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Visit New Kashi Vishwanath Temple in campus of Banaras Hindu Univer

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Visit New Kashi Vishwanath Temple in campus of Banaras Hindu Univer

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Unfold the Spiritual Side OF Subcontinent India

India, a subcontinent of diversity and unity with different religions, languages, and cultures! It is a place where people of various religion and culture lives happily in the same part and worships the presence of many Gods and Goddesses. Whether it is finding a sense of peace while spiritually connecting to you or wanting to know its diversity while taking Pilgrimage tour packages, Trip Kashi allows exploring it at ease. Travelers from across the world come to explore the diversity of India as well as with Trip Kashi they can explore the top pilgrimage sites in India. These sites are counted under the holiest places in the world. Be it the ghats of Varanasi or Char Dham Yatra; they don't only give peace to mind and soul, but also let the worries in you float away.

Explore Spiritual India

India isn’t just a place where one can find awestruck natural beauty, mouth-watering cuisine, art, monuments, and much more. India is also a place where each year, many devotees move to the holy cities of North India to seek inner peace. These sacred spiritual sites and its tranquil environment offer the perfect spot to explore the spiritual self. Places like Varanasi and Chitrakoot aren’t just famous amongst Indians, but also, thousands of traveler each year come to India from across the globe to seek spiritual enlightenment. Since always, people from different religion, cultures, and faiths take tours to various holy sites to pay their homage to sacred deities. Without a Kashi trip, a tour to north India is incomplete. If you are willing to follow the path of Gautam Buddha of compassion, mindfulness, speech, and spiritual enlightenment, head to Bodhgaya where Lord Buddha attained enlightenment in Mahabodhi temple under the sacred Bodhi tree. Bodhgaya is one of the famous and most important places in Buddhist tour packages.

Why Us?

We are Varanasi based Travel Company that definitely will add a dose of fun in your Kashi Trip. Our only motive is to know your travel needs and serve the best on your plate without any budget constraint. Our motto is to make our customer happy and to uphold their expectations and making your reservations for spiritual tours fairly easy and budget-friendly. Trip Kashi provides excellent pilgrimage tour packages in North India. Whether one wants to explore spirituality in Uttar Pradesh or wanting to visit Buddhists sites, we let you get all under the same package with our customized tour packages. Our travel tour operators are well trained and dedicated to know your needs and create your itinerary as per your requirements. When you choose to travel Varanasi with us, we don't only add holy places in your travel packages, but also take you to explore famous Places to visit Varanasi. Buddhist tours, spiritual tours, golden triangle tours are a few tour packages provided by Trip Kashi. Apart from letting you roam around holy places in India, we also provide Nepal tour packages. Varanasi, Sarnath, Bodhgaya, Agra, Delhi, Chitrakoot, Ayodhya are some of the famous places added in our Spiritual tours Kashi packages.

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