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Savor The Food You Can’t Afford To Miss On Streets Food in Varanasi

Street food in any city depicts its true essence of culture and cuisine. We know that the street food from across the country has gained worldwide popularity for its complicated recipes and flavors that cannot be found anywhere else. When it comes to street food, your Kashi Yatra would be incomplete without grabbing a cup of tea in kulhad at the banks of river Ganga. Being one of the oldest cities in the world, Streets Food in Varanasi options are as elaborated as the history of it. Make your Kashi day trip worthy and full of flavors by grubbing on these scrumptious street foods at the ghats and street of Varanasi.

Kachori Sabzi- The most popular and delicious breakfast option in Varanasi. This mouth-watering combination is a must-try dish in Varanasi. There are two types of Kachoris- Badi Kachori that is stuffed with the spicy mixture of lentil called dal ki pithy and Choti Kachori that is made up of spicy mashed potato stuffing. Both the Kachoris are served with a spicy, tangy, and aromatic garam masala aloo ki sabzi. You can get this dish anywhere but, why not taste the best kachori sabzi at Ram Bhandar, Kachori Gali, or Chachi ki Dukan in Lanka.

Baati Chokha- It is another popular food to be found on the streets food in Varanasi to must binge on your next Kashi trip. Baati chokha or litti chokha is a famous delicacy in Bihar that makes an excellent snack option in Varanasi. Stuffed with roasted and spicy chana dal or sattu, dipped in desi ghee, these wheat dough balls are served with spicy chokha that is made of boiled potato, tomato, and eggplant. You can find this finger-licking dish anywhere on street or plush restaurants in Varanasi, but the best place to eat them is at Baati Chokha.

Chena Dahi Vada- Variation of regular Bhalla that is made using lentil. Chena is
similar to ras malai. Chena Dahi vada is vada made from chena that dipped in sweet yogurt. It is garnished with fresh coriander leaves, masala, cumin, and black pepper powder. This makes a perfect combination of sweet and sour.

Choora Matar- Another street food to eat in Varanasi that is a Banarasi version of Poha Chiwada of Bihar and Maharashtrian Poha! Choora matar is a popular breakfast option in Varanasi that is made of desi ghee soaked flattened rice and cooked with green peas, raisins, saffron, and tempered with spices like hing, black pepper, and garam masala. This dish isn’t just a good option for breakfast but you can eat at any time of the day. To make it different from its counterparts, no onion is added in it.

The best part is yet to come. To give it a rich flavor and texture, milk or fresh cream is added along with other ingredients. Taste the best chhora matar at Deena chat bhandar or Gopal Mandir Gali.

Tamatar Chat- A trip to Kashi will be incomplete without binging on tamatar chat. A Varanasi version of Uttar Pradesh’s famous aloo chat, it is made by using fresh tomatoes. Tamatar chat is a mixture of boiled mashed tomato, potatoes, onion, green chilies, and garnished with fresh coriander leaves. Served in dona (bowl) made with Palash leaves, this chat is way too spicy to handle and will surely satiate cravings for spicy and satisfy your soul. Don’t forget to try this Varanasi special tamatar chat on your next trip at Deena chat bhandar.

Banarasi Paan- We all have heard famous Bollywood song “Khaike paan Banaras Wala” written about this delicious famous paan. When strolling the ghats of Varanasi, Banarasi paan is a must-try food. Made by chuna (lime), kiwam, betel nut (supari), snuff, baba chutney, rose chutney, catechu, coconut, and few other ingredients stuffed in paan leaves (beetle nut leaves), it has granted a symbolic value and became shaan of Banaras. There is another version of paan known as meetha paan, devoid of tobacco or lime, and stuffed with fennel seeds, soft supari, and sweetened rose petals. Enjoy exotic paan at Rajendra Chaurasia Paan in Chowk or Deepak Tambul Bhandar at Dashashwamedh Ghat.

Launglata- It is usually made during Holi, but can be found on the street of Varanasi throughout the year. Made with refined flour stuffed with milk solids (khoya), nuts, and sugar, it is deep-fried and then soaked in flavored sugar syrup. This sweet dish will delight any sweet lover. Just a piece of it will be enough to curb your sweet cravings.

Safed Makhan toast, thandai, laiyya chana, malaiyyo, Dahi chutney gol gappe, rabri malai lassi are few other famous streets food in Varanasi which might be able to attract the inner foodie in you. It is a city that easily blends with traditions and culture, where food is still being served on utensils made from natural materials such as leaf-bowls and plates and drinks served in earthen pots known as kulhad. It is a city where you can find the tastiest food at tiniest food point.

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