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Shop Local Souvenirs as a Remembrance and Heritage Walk Tour Varanasi

Famous for Banarasi silk sarees, Varanasi is a place of art and traditions that are going on from centuries. When planning to take Heritage walk tour Varanasi, make sure to grab some local artwork as a remembrance of your wonderful trip to Varanasi before leaving it behind. It is an excellent place to get local as well as international products. Be it best silk sarees or rare Rudraksha, everything can be found in the chaotic lanes of Varanasi. Here is some mesmerizing stuff that you can buy from the local market of Varanasi and Heritage walk tour Varanasi.

Heritage walk tour Varanasi

Banarasi Silk Sarees-

Banarasi Silk Sarees


Banarasi silk saree is a must buy when Kashi yatra. There is no Indian women wouldn’t want a classy Banarasi saree in the closet that makes a perfect wear for every occasion! There are many shops of silk saree in Varanasi and you can get them in various hues and shades. When visiting Varanasi, don’t forget to grab a Banarasi silk saree as they also make a perfect gift for mother, wife, or anyone! Ladies, we know you want best saree. So, visit Thateri bazar or peelikothi area to grab one.

Holy Water Of Ganga-

Holy Water Of Ganga - Varanasi

Ganga Jal or Holy water of Ganga is the biggest export from the city Varanasi and is a must to take along with you. As you take a stroll down the ghats of Varanasi, you can see bottles of different sizes available in small shops. You can take the water of river Ganga in these cans with you. Also, copper cans with seals are available to avoid any leakage while carrying them. You must be thinking of how unclean and polluted must be the water and Heritage walk tour Varanasi. Let me tell you, the shopkeepers go near midstream to fill the water.

Gulabi Minakari-

Gulabi Minakari Varanasi

Trip to Kashi may feel incomplete without grabbing a magnificent piece of artwork gulabi minakari. Gulabi Minakari is rare craftsmanship of Varanasi that many folks are unaware of. You can find minakari work done on gold and silver in Rajasthan and Gujarat, but, minakari done on pink color is done and found only in Varanasi. You have to go down on bylanes near Gai Ghat to find craftsman performing this art. You can buy small boxes, intricately decorated elephants, birds, or jewelry made of gulabi minakari to take with you.

Wooden Toys-

Wooden Toys Varanasi

Wooden Toys makes a perfect Varanasi souvenir and Heritage Walk Tour Varanasi as well as an excellent home decor piece. There are some lanes in Varanasi that are filled with wooden toy makers. Khojwa area of the city is the place where you can see wood crafters creating colorful pieces of woodwork. You will see birds and elephants made of woods in a bright color, but you can also find the family of Shiva among these toys. Apart from these, human figurines, key chains, pencils, dolls, and many other options are available. It is a must buy while doing shopping and Heritage walk tour Varanasi.

Glass Beads-

glass beads in varanasi

Varanasi has the world’s largest manufacturing unit of glass beads. So, this makes a must takeaway local souvenir with you. You can find glass beads in all colors and many sizes. Handmade glass beads are truly awesome and set a perfect example of made in India. You can buy glass beads or jewelry made from them from any local market.

Crystal and Stone Shivalinga-

Crystal and Stone Shivalinga

The reason Kashi is famous for Pilgrimage tour packages is that it is land of Shiva. Crystal Shivalinga is a very popular local souvenir that can be found in Vishwanath Gali. Buying one beautiful crystal or stone Shicalinga is like a ritual when visiting Varanasi. This transparent Shivalinga is carved out of crystal and are available in every size. Also, there are stone-carved Shivalinga available. Shivalingas are kept at the home and in temples for worship. You can find Shivalingas starting from the price of Rs. 100 and it increases as per work and size.

Rudraksha Mala-

Rudraksha Mala


Varanasi is the best place to get Rudraksha mala. Though Rudraksha tree cannot be found in Varanasi or near it, still, it is a perfect place to get Rudraksha Mala. You can find various type of Rudraksha here, even the rarest one can also be found. Rudraksha means the tear of Rudra, an earlier form of Shiva.

Stone Carved Curios-

Stone Carved Curios Varanasi

Stone carving tradition of Varanasi is from the time unmemorable. Not many know that the stone for Ashoka pillar came from Chunar region of Varanasi. The tradition has been flourished by crafts collection. Different stone-carved figurines of birds or animals are available in different sizes.

Indic Literature-

Indic Literature Varanasi

We know that Varanasi is home to many Indian publishers of history and especially for books based on Hinduism and ideology. The ancient book stores in Varanasi are a fairy tale escape for a person who loves reading. Once you enter any of these bookstores, you’ll come out with a bag full of it.

These were local souvenirs to bring back with you while coming back from Kashi trip. With so many shopping places, one might get confused about where to shop. Visit Chowk, Vishwanath Gali, Gyan Vapi, Thatheri Bazar, Dashashwamedh Gali, Lahurabir, and Golghar to grab the local stuff.

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