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Cauvery Calling- A small support by TripKashi

Kaveri is an Indian river originating in the foothills of Western Ghats and flows through the states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Kaveri is also known as Ponni and Cauvery, the anglicized name. Cauvery is the fourth largest river south India after the Godavari and Mahanadi River, and the largest flowing river in the state Tamil Nadu bisecting the state in North and South. The Kaveri basin is approximately 81,155 square kilometers with many tributaries that include Kabini, Harangi, Noyyal, Hemavati, Lakshmana Tirtha, Bhavani, and Arkavati. The basin covers three states and one union territory- Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, and Puducherry.

The Cauvery River has supported agriculture and was the lifeline of several kingdoms in history from centuries and has become an important source for irrigated agriculture in modern cities of South India. You must be thinking why are we talking about Cauvery out of nowhere? Because Cauvery is depleting and needs our attention! Cauvery Calling is a movement started by Sadhguru and Isha Foundation for the cause to revive the river. The project Cauvery Calling initiated by Sadhguru and Isha foundation is an implementation phase for “Rally for Rivers” campaign during September 2017.

Rally for Rivers

Cauvery River has been the source for irrigation, water for household consumption and the generation of electricity. Yet, the river has come to the point where half of Cauvery’s basin is suffering water depletion. The Cauvery Calling is first of its kind campaign to support the rivers of India which are the country’s lifeline. Cauvery is dying slowly and we still have time to save it, to revive and revitalize it. Depletion of Cauvery is not only effecting our mother nature but, the farmers of the state Tamil Nadu and Karnataka are also suffering.

Why To Save Cauvery?

Save Cauvery

The problem is one, but it has two faces; Cauvery’s depletion and farmer distress. The river Cauvery and its basin were one of the most productive in the world. But, over the years, Cauvery’s water flow has reduced by over 40% in 70 years, 87% of the original trees of Cauvery basins has been lost, half of its basin is suffering groundwater depletion and is unable to reach the ocean. At the other hand, in the past few years, the suffering of farmers in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka has made national headlines. More than 45,000 farmers suicide in Cauvery basin in 15 years, 77% of farmers in Karnataka and 83% of farmers in Tamil Nadu are in debt, 17 districts in Tamil Nadu faced drought-hit in the year 2019, and out of 18 years, 15 years in Karnataka have been drought years.

Recent Disasters in Region

Cauvery River went dry

In the year 2016, the Cauvery River went dry as the rainfall reduced by 40%-70%. Ironically, a few months earlier in 2015, Tamil Nadu has suffered some of the worst floods in which 500 lives were lost and estimated damage cost from INR 20,000-160,000 crores. And again a year later in 2017, Tamil Nadu faced the worst drought in 140 years, while Karnataka witnessed a shortage of 36% in food grain production.

Like all other rivers in India, the Cauvery is also forest-fed. In the past, the region was covered in forest and the soil was self-replenished through the organic matters and nutrients by plant litter and animal waste allowing the soil to absorb water. But, as the population increased and forest-covered reduced, the soil doesn’t get its nutrients and is no longer replenished which lead to soil erosion and soil failing to absorb water. The soil of the basin region cannot be fed Cauvery and an increase in deforestation led to the Cauvery depletion and the recent Cauvery disasters.

How to Save Cauvery?

Cauvery can be saved! The solution is by replenishing the soil of Cauvery region. Once the soil is replenished, it will again turn fertile, absorb rainwater, and feed the Cauvery. It will not only improve the ecology of the river but also helps to improve the economic conditions of farmers of the region. The government can plant the native trees species and the farmers can shift to agroforestry. What you can do is just plant one tree and asks your friend to do the same by donating Rs. 42 towards tree plantation. No matter from which region of India you are, your contribution will help to bring back the River Cauvery.

Cauvery Calling target and what will it achieve?

The way to make Cauvery flow again to plant trees! The campaign Cauvery Calling will help the farmers to plant 242 crores trees in the basin by adopting agroforestry. In the first phase of Cauvery Calling, 73 crores trees will be planted in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. This will help farmers’ wealth, fight climate change, increase water retention in the region, and eliminate soil erosion.


Once the river starts to revitalize with Cauvery Calling by Sadhguru, the two states won’t have to fight for water and with the success of Cauvery Calling the income of farmers will increase and the state governments will adopt the method to revive their respective rivers.

Supporting the movement by Isha foundation, Trip Kashi is requesting you to step forward to donate for Cauvery Calling and help us to spread the word to save Cauvery and make win-win for all.

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