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Best Places to visit for Ayodhya Tour

Ayodhya is one of the most sacred and religious sites in the world.  There are many places to visit in Ayodhya. Known for being the birthplace of Lord Rama, Ayodhya also happens to be one of the seven most sacred places in the country. Being set up on the banks of Saryu, this site was known as Saket in ancient times. One would find the mention of Ayodhya in various legends and stories such as the epic Ramayana.


Hanuman Garhi (Hanuman Gaddi)


Hanuman Garhi Ayodhya Tour

Hanuman Garhi is one of the most major places to visit for Ayodhya Tour that was constructed in the shape of a fort, this pilgrimage site is in the center of the town and can be reached by a flight of 76 steps on Ayodhya tour packages. It is said that Lord Hanuman lived here in this cave and happened to guard this Janambhoomi or Ramkot. There is the main temple here that has Mother Anjani as the main deity who also has her son Bal Hanuman who can be seen being seated on her lap. It is said that this shrine would fulfill all the wishes of the person visiting it.
Hanuman Garhi is a major fort that is four-sided and has circular bastions at every corner of this place that houses a temple of Hanuman at every corner. This one is a really popular shrine that is in Ayodhya Tour. One would see thousands of devotees coming here every day to offer their prayers and get Lord Hanuman’s protection from all the evils and seek the blessings for their happiness and prosperity.

Guptar Ghat


Guptar Ghat Ayodhya Tour

Guptar Ghat is a sacred ghat that is on the bank of River Saryu and is said to be the place where Lord Ram performed his Jal Samadhi. This one will let you witness a lot of ghats that were constructed by King Darshan Singh in the early 19th century. One can also visit the famous Old Charan Paduka Temple, Ram Janaki Temple, Hanuman Temple, Narsingh Temple etc while you avail Ayodhya tour itinerary.

Nageshwarnath Temple


Nageshwarnath Temple Ayodhya Tour

One of the most famous temples in Ayodhya is the temple of Nageshwarnath on a one day trip to Ayodhya Tour. As per the legends, this temple was established by Kush who happens to be the son of Rama. It is said that Kush even lost his armlet when he was bathing in the Sarayu, the armlet was later found by a Nag-Kanya who later got enchanted by Kush and started loving him. Being the devotee of Shiva, this temple was built by Kush for her. This is the only temple that has been as it was even when Ayodhya was abandoned until the time of Vikramaditya. It is said that even when the entire city was in ruin and dense forest covered the city, Vikramaditya recognized the city through this forest. This temple is well known for celebrating Shivratri.

Mani Parbat


Religious places for Ayodhya Tour

Mani Parbat is one famous places to visit in Ayodhya known to be the fragment of the hill that once housed the Sanjeevani Booti (herb). Being touted as one of best places to visit in Ayodhya, It has been a part of the fragment that once fell from the main hill that was later carried by Lord Hanuman so that the brother of Lord Rama, Lord Lakshman could be healed. Mani Parbat is a breathtaking sight of a mound that is at the height of 65 feet, one can witness the spell bounding view of Ayodhya from Mani Parbat. Also, there are many shrines on the hill and the base of the hill has a Muslim graveyard. Also, Lord Buddha is said to have taught the Law of Dharma from Mani Parbat. It is around 3 km from Kanak Bhavan temple.

Dant Dhawan Kund

The Dant Dhawan Kund is situated near the famous Hanuman Garhi temple, this is said to be the place where Lord Shri Rama and his brothers used to clean their teeth while being on the kund’s bank. There are many myths and legends associated with this kund that is said to make a person have all his sins being washed away.
So, these are some of the most enchanting places that one can visit while being on Delhi to Ayodhya Tour as you indulge on a wonderful religious tour that will make all your wishes turn to reality. There are many Religious places near Ayodhya that will totally give you all the wonderful religious escapes.

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